b"Profitable Gourmet Gifts & Specialty FoodsSmoked SalmonA Delicious Tradition to Enjoy EverydayGifts your customers will give again and again.Products your customers will use everyday. Merchandise anywhere: No refrigeration required.SeaBear Smokehouse was established 1957 in Anacortes, Washington by Tom Savidge, a local fisherman and entrepreneur. The company started as Specialty Seafoods was later renamed SeaBear. Searching for a way to extend the shelf life of his smoked salmon without preservatives, Tom invented and patented the retort pouch, AKA the flexible can in the 1960s introducing this innovative way to smoke and store salmon. Each smoked salmon is vacuum sealed in SeaBear's famous Gold Seal pouch and gently cooked in its own natural oils; this preserves the salmon naturally, so no refrigeration is required until opened."